Writing is Live 2017

Writing is Live is an annual festival that celebrates the diversity and strength of new theatrical voices while simultaneously exploring the meaning of text in performance.

Performance writing takes forms complete and incomplete, narrative and imagistic, compact and durational. As such, the festival plays with the idea of the live, allowing the development and evolution of new work in conversation with the writer, directors, actors, designers, and audience.  All are collaborators in the exciting life of the new performance script. Every year, the festival presents a combination of readings and workshop productions of new plays by graduate theatre artists from Brown University and one or more productions by undergraduate Writing for Performance concentrators. The plays are acted and directed by students in the Brown/Trinity MFA program, Brown University’s undergraduate programs, and the community at large.

  • Readings are focused on notation – how are the writers using the medium of text to get from their heads out into the world in the shape of a script?
  • Workshops are designed to mix the elements of time, space and broader collaborative conversations into the writer’s toolkit. Readings go from mind to script; workshops go from script to room.
  • Thesis Productions follow through on earlier experiments in rehearsal to public performance, engaging with the writer’s root definitions of a public. How and who are assembled, and what’s their job before, during, and after the show?

Writing Is Live (formerly the New Plays Festival) is made possible through support from an endowed fund for the Adele Kellenberg Seaver ’49 Professorship in Literary Arts.